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Discover New Strategies To

How To Make 2022 Your Most Profitable Year Ever...

Grow Your Own Wealth and Protect Your Freedom...

At this live event, you’ll leave with a new financial strategy in place. One that ...

  • Accelerates your wealth using little-known alternative asset classes.
  • ​Bulletproofs your assets (so you’ll never get caught up in the Great Reset).
  • ​Turns those assets into income (at just the right time). 
  • ​Gives you 100% control of your financial future so greedy bankers or overreaching governments never get their hands on any of it.

It’s time to let Mark Moss and other world-leading financial experts help you put your own investing plan

MIAMI, FL | NOV 12-14



What Central Banks are REALLY Doing to America

Everyone knows Central Banks are printing money with wild abandon. But what’s really happening under the surface should shock you. GOOD NEWS though … stay 1-step ahead and you can take advantage of the tsunami of money that’s about to flow away from Stock Markets and Central Banks.

Secrets to Accelerating Wealth Accumulation

There are asset classes right now that make stock market returns pale in comparison. Of course, stocks still have their place - but not the way most investors play them. To stay ahead of the Great Reset, learn what’s working now for rapid monetary growth.

Forget Dividend Income (use this instead)...

By itself, wealth has never been true security. What is? Income. Cash flow. But not dividend income. That’s low-yield and too much risk. In Miami, you’ll discover simple, low risk strategies to earn 8% … 12 % … and even 20% on your money. Strategies that you can use right away - without learning technical mumbo-jumbo or doing any trading.

The Right Alternative Investments

Is the market getting ready to collapse? Maybe - maybe not. But with inflation eating away your returns anyway, it’s time to diversify at least some of your portfolio. Into gold? Or bitcoin? That depends on where you are now and what your goals are. But you’ll leave Miami with the right action plan for you.

True Asset Protection

Learn the best strategies to protect your wealth and your assets in a world where markets are on the verge of crash the Agenda 2030 of owning nothing is in play - these aren’t your financial advisor’s strategies!

Lasting Freedom

Time to consider Freedom as an Asset! Learn how to increase personal freedoms in a world that is becoming more restrictive. Learn onshore and offshore strategies, creating Plan B, 2nd Passports and more. Even if you never decide to leave your home country, you should NEVER be in a position where you’re under their control.

You’re Just One Action Plan Away From Your Most Profitable Year Ever!

Here’s What You’ll Experience At This Year's Market Disruptors LIVE!

Day 1: Put Knowledge To Action

For many conference-goers, they listen to expert secrets. 

Some take a few notes.

But very few ever take action on that newfound knowledge, even though one small action could drastically change their life!

Look, knowledge IS NOT power... only knowledge put into action is! 

This multi-day event is being led by some of the best experts in the industry.

You’ll leave Miami with a better level of understanding, and more importantly, a plan that covers things like...
  • How to build additional cash flow…
  • ​The steps you need to take to get out of the rat race…
  • ​How to discover financial freedom fast...
  • ​The secrets to lowering your taxes and keeping more of your own wealth…
  • ​How to bulletproof your asset protection…
  • ​Why ​having additional passports is the #1 tool to increase your freedom…
  • ​And much more!
And that’s just Day 1. Check out what exciting topics our experts will be covering after that!

Day 2: The Problem and The Plan

With a clear understanding of the current problems we’re faced with and the forces behind that drive them, you will have the insight and tools to navigate them correctly.

You’ll leave this event knowing...
  • How to understand current political shifts or trends...
  • ​Which markets are “​fragile” and how to pivot accordingly...
  • ​How to protect and still grow your assets...
  • ​Why many traditional asset protection plans don’t work…
  • ​And much more!
But that’s not all. Check out what we have for you on Day 3!

Day 3: Increase Freedom and Sovereignty

Our speakers will give you the actionable information you need to navigate this period to protect your freedom and increase your sovereignty.

You’ll leave Miami knowing...
  • How to keep more of your wealth...
  • ​​How to bulletproof your assets...
  • ​​How to increase your personal freedom…
  • ​Which countries are offering the best tax havens for ex-pats and second passport seekers…
  • ​And much more!

Day By Day Breakdown

Here’s What You’ll Discover At This Year's Market Disruptors LIVE!

Thursday November 11th (Travel, Registration, and Networking)

The event kicks off early on Friday, November 12th and goes into the evening. You’ll want to arrive the day before so you’re refreshed and ready to get started.

We’ve got some great experts and fun things lined up that you do NOT want to miss by showing up late!

So we strongly recommend arriving the day before with plenty of time to get registered… meet some of your fellow attendees… and be ready to dive in early on Friday morning.

Day 1: Putting Knowledge To Action

Codie Sanchez

Build Cashflow Fast


The fastest way to build security is to build passive income to meet or exceed your
The best security comes from being financially free.

And the fastest way to do that is to build passive income that meets or exceeds your living expenses.

In my experience, I've seen people who focus on this achieve it in only a few short years.

But when it comes to building passive income, there’s not only one way, in fact, there’s hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of ways.
  • The Secrets to passive Investing 
  • ​​How to achieve Financial Freedom
  • ​​How to create passive income and cash flow
  • ​​How to add multiple revenue streams
  • ​​How to build your wealth

Yahya Bakkar

Protect Your Assets, So You Still Own Them in 2030 And Are Happy


Yahya is a specialist in helping High Net Worth individuals keep more of their wealth and protect their assets, by keeping them outside of the system.

Protect Wealth By Being Outside The System? 

I am sure by now you realize the game is rigged against you, and that Governments are increasing their surveillance of your finances, increasing taxes on unrealized gains, preventing passing assets to heirs and more. 

How Do You Keep Your Assets And Be Happy? 

If you don't like the 2030 goal of owning nothing and being happy, then you need to learn how to protect your hard earned wealth and assets by discovering how to move assets out of the view and reach of governments, using strategies that Yahya typically only shares with his 8 figure + clients.

Katie The Russian

Your Passport Is YOUR Key To Staying Free!


Katie is a Russian born citizen who has seen firsthand the consequences of communism and the effects it can have on peoples, health, wealth and happiness, and understand the access and limitations from holding a certain passport

Add A Passport, Increase Your Freedom

Katie has been featured in countless mainstream news outlets for helping people legally protect their assets by moving them outside the reach of over oppressive governments, and increase their freedom and mobility by accessing additional passports to other countries

It Can Be Fast, and Even Free! 

There are many options that most people have no idea about, way to get them free, ways to get them fast, what countries should you go to, what do they all mean? These are all things Katie will discover, this is the most requested talk, and maybe the most important, do not miss this! 

Day 2: Build, Grow, Protect Your Wealth

Greg Foss

The Global Debt Markets: What Really Driving The Markets

Greg has been a bond trader and global financial market insider, for over 30 years and now consults tech companies on how to navigate the final stages of the debt cycle

If you want to know where the markets are going, you have to understand the Credit Markets

What Are The Credit Markets Telling Us Now? 

Because our fiat money and financial system is built on debt, you have to have a firm understanding of how this credit and debt works. Debt is leverage and allows markets to grow FAST, but also unwinds them even faster, and Greg can help us understand WHEN.

Steven Van Metre

Governments Are Insolvent: But Need More Debt To Survive

Steven is a licensed financial advisor and the Bond King of YouTube where he reports on the policies, actions and reactions of the Federal Reserve and he is betting big on a certain market outcome

What Does He Expect To Happen?

And even more importantly how is he planning on navigating this? Steven will explain his ideas, what he thinks is likely to happen, how he is positioning his own portfolio to survive and thrive

If you follow Fed policy and bonds, then you need to see what Steven breaks down.

Brent Johnson

The USD Reserve Status Is In Question: What Happens From Here? 

Brent Johnson is a money manager with Santiago Capital and has a keen eye on global macro triggers and currencies

What Is The Fate Of The Dollar? 

Brent's well known thesis of "The Dollar Milkshake Theory" forecasts what he think happens with the US Dollar, and other global currencies
but much has happened since he released it, and even more is misunderstood. 

Come Here what Brent thinks plays out over the next couple years, and what to do about it!

Mike Dillard

Build Financial Security By Exploding Your Cash Flow Fast! 

Mike Dillard is one of the foremost experts in the world on building wealth outside the system in unconventional ways.

How Can You Build This Cash Flow Fast? 

Mike has taught people how to build wealth for over a decade and is now focused on helping people become "Richer Everyday" and is hosting a workshop to help you follow his success, and is presenting these same ideas and strategies.

Build Cash Flow To Replace Your Income

If you want to become financially free, the fastest way to do this is by building cash flow to meet or exceed your current living expenses so you can focus on work that you love and want to do, or anything else your heart desires. 

Robert Breedlove 

What Is Money? A Simple But Misleading Question and Answer

Robert Breedlove has become well known for taking complex subjects and breaking them down into their most simple basics or First Principles because when you can understand these at their most basic, it offers brand new insights into the complex markets and where things are headed.

So, what is the fate of money, and what should you do? 

Robert's deep understanding of what money is, and how it relates to the growth, coordination and effects of society and the world will challenge, what you know and give you new found confidence to successfully navigate these next few years as the world changes before our eyes.

Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Pomp is military veteran, market analyst, VC investor and entrepreneur who's sharp eye and unique insights have given him access to some of the most disruptive companies that are moving and scaling fast

What Do His Insights Tell Us About What Comes Next? 

Pomp is on the forefront of innovation, talking to business leaders, innovators, real people doing real things. His insights into different markets will expand your thinking and help you see the world from a different perspective

Change Your Perspective, Change Your World

Once you learn to see the world differently, what others are doing and what is possible, you will have new ideas and motivation to go change your life and change the world around you.

Gerald Celente

The Trend Headed: HOW Do We Position Ourselves Today? 

The Gerald is the editor of the Trends Journal and has been accurately been calling and forecasting the biggest trends for over 40 years. 

How is he able to see these trends...

The reason why Gerald is able to forecast trends so successfully is because he knows what to look for and how to draw the lines and connect the dots.

What Is The Next Trend Shaping Up Now? 

If you want to navigate the rapid changes coming over the next several years, you need to understand how to see them coming, how to forecast them, and how to take action to navigate them correctly, and Gerald will show you how!

Day 3: Increase Freedom & Sovereignty

Dr Joe Mercola

Time To View Your Health As An Asset

Dr Joe Mercola is one of the world's foremost experts in understanding your body's natural immune systems and how to keep your health in the challenging times of poor food quality, viruses and forced medicines and therapies. 

Wealth Is Nothing Without Health

Without the ability to think clearly, have good energy, and be healthy and disease free, your wealth, your money means nothing. 

Increase Your Health To, Increase Wealth and Freedom

In this rapidly changing world, you need to hear from world class experts like Dr Mercolo.

George Gammon

Protect Yourself In A World Of Out Of Control Central Bankers

George Gammon is an Entrepreneur and Macro Addict who takes complex macro subjects and explains them with ease and precision on his massive YouTube Channel and his now famous Whiteboard Videos. 

Where Does He See The Bankers Taking Us Next? 

George has become the go to guy for using global macro to help determine where things are headed and his content has been changing fast to help educate, motivate, and encourage people through these challenging times leading into the Great Reset.

So What Should We Do About It? 

You don’t want to miss what George has to say about building, growing and protecting your personal and financial freedom and sovereignty.

Stephan Livera

Finding Freedom Through Jurisdictional Arbitrage

Stephan is an Australian who runs one of the largest Podcasts focused on Bitcoin and when the world started moving again in 2021 and conferences and meetings started happening, he found himself stuck inside his country, denied access to leave.

What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Leave? 

Stephan had to travel to stay free, live free, and keep his business going, but getting out was the problem. Also, once you get out, where do you go, how do you live and maintain things.

Learn The Secrets Of His Success

The best way to learn is to compress time and skip obstacles by learning from others who have figured this out and proven success. If you want to find out how to get more freedom as government's are taking it away, then you do not want to miss Stephan talk.

Untapped Growth

True Security Includes Food and Energy

Joel is leading the charge of bringing back sustainable farming, ranch living, to promote security and a healthy lifestyle.

Secure Your Family With The Essentials

Its easy to see that having a place to go live, away from the cities, with water, energy,  And a healthy food source could become an essential item to have to navigate these next few years, but…

What If You Don’t Want To Be A Rancher?

There are options to secure all the things essential to protecting yourself, your family and community in ways that you have never thought of or seemed out of reach. Joel has out of the box thinking making it easy for anyone and everyone to establish a plan.

Katie The Russian

Your Passport Is YOUR Key To Staying Free!

Katie is a Russian born citizen who has seen firsthand the consequences of communism and the effects it can have on peoples, health, wealth and happiness, and understand the access and limitations from holding a certain passport

Add A Passport, Increase Your Freedom

Katie has been featured in countless mainstream news outlets for helping people legally protect their assets by moving them outside the reach of over oppressive governments, and increase their freedom and mobility by accessing additional passports to other countries

It Can Be Fast, and Even Free! 

There are many options that most people have no idea about, way to get them free, ways to get them fast, what countries should you go to, what do they all mean? These are all things Katie will discover, this is the most requested talk, and maybe the most important, do not miss this! 

Aleks Svetski

Why The Coming Future Will Be So Much Better!

Aleks is one of the foremost thought leaders on personal freedom and sovereignty. He is a global citizen on the run from the oppressive situation in Australia and his deep understanding of philosophy, politics and technology make him a go to expert in understanding where the world is going and what it will look like.

So What Does It Look Like? 

Aleks can help us understand where it’s going, why this will happen, the hope and prosperity on the other side, but also the collateral damage along the way and how to navigate this correctly.

Here’s EVERYTHING You’re Going To Get When You Reserve Your Market Disruptors Live Ticket Now...

Access To A 3-Day Life-Changing Event! (Virtual Or In-Person)

Market Disruptors Live isn’t some boring “investor’s conference”...

It’s a fully immersed 3-Day EVENT!

We’ll start each morning with the type of positive learning environment where you’ll be able to focus and maximize what you learn. 

Each speaker has been chosen for their subject matter expertise.

Each presentation will help guide you on a carefully weaved journey that I will take you on over the course of 3 days...

There is something for EVERY attendee at this event, no matter WHERE you’re at in your financial journey. 

By the end of this LIVE event, you’ll walk away knowing the next steps you need to apply to take your financial future to a higher level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or a self-made millionaire…

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy everything Market Disruptors Live has to offer in person or from the comfort of your own home...

There is something for EVERY attendee at this event. 

Networking With Other Like-Minded Attendees! 

This is your chance to take full advantage of networking opportunities, and find others who can help you grow your own financial fortune. 

Our event is PACKED with experts in their field who are attending the event right alongside you. 

We’re also expecting this event to have hundreds of like-minded attendees who are looking to make new connections too. 

Look, you do NOT have to figure it all out on your own! 

In fact, you shouldn’t...

Whether you attend MDL virtually or in-person…

This is the perfect event to:
  • Find all the “WHO’s” to help you elevate your skills to a higher, more profitable level... 
  • ​Make new like-minded friends…
  • ​And connect with old ones too.

Please Select How You’d Like To Attend Market Disruptors Live…

Not sure if you want to attend virtually or in person?

We understand. That’s why we’re offering both options this year.

Simply choose the type of ticket that best meets your needs.


Event Host

Mark Moss is an Investor and Entrepreneur with a passion to learn, improve daily, and educate others to help them from making the same mistakes he made. So they too can live their life with fun, fulfillment and financial freedom.

He’s the founder of seven companies, each growing past 7-figures within the first year. One of those companies was a tech company that Mark brought to exit to a Fortune 500 company. 

Mark has fixed, flipped and developed over $25mil in real estate, invested in private business, gold mines, oil fields, and new technologies.

And he’s accomplished all this through 3 different bear market cycles. Now, his passion is helping others prepare for the Great Reset. So, they can thrive when most can only hope to survive.

Event Agenda

Friday, Nov 12

Creating Wealth


  • Creating Cash Flow
  • ​Creating Your "Plan B" 


09:00 AM
VIP & Platinum
Bonus sessions

04:30 PM
General Event Registration Open

06:00 PM
VIP & Platinum Bonus Reception

06:30 PM
General Event 
Kickoff Reception

Saturday, Nov 13

Understand How To Navigate the Coming Reset

  • Geo Political Reset
  • ​Financial Market Reset
  • ​Building More Wealth
  • ​Protecting Your Wealth


09:00 AM

09:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Politics, Markets, Assets

12:30 PM
VIP & Platinum Lunch (Bonus)

02:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Building Wealth, Assets

Sunday, Nov 14

Building & Securing Wealth, Freedom, Self Sovereignty

  • ​More Freedom/Soverignty
  • ​Sustainable Living
  • Creating Your Plan B
  • ​Navigate the Coming Years


08:30 AM

09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Protecting Wealth, Assets

12:00 PM
VIP & Platinum Lunch (Bonus)

01:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Plan B, Sovereignty and 
Navigating the future

05:00 PM
Closing remarks

07:00 PM
VIP & Platinum Closing Party (Bonus)


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where and when is Market Disruptors Live?
Our event is November 12-14th at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, FL
Question: Is there a "Discounted" hotel room block?
Question: I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Airport Do I Need To Fly Into?
You’ll want to fly into Miami International (MIA). From there, it’s an easy 30 minute Uber ride to Hyatt Regency. 

There’s plenty of things to see and do in the surrounding area too. There are also lots of different restaurants nearby so you’ll have plenty of dining options to choose from.
Question: Is There A Dress Code?
We suggest business casual for the event. Our meeting room will be on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater or jacket.
Question: Can I purchase just a single-day pass?
Single-day passes are not available. Your ticket to Market Disruption Live provides access to everything within your chosen option.
Question: Can tickets be shared with more than one person?
Tickets cannot be shared and are not transferable.
Question: Can I upgrade my ticket before the event starts?
Yes. Simply please contact us at [email protected]
Question: Will there be Internet access at the event?
The Hyatt Regency provides internet access in the rooms and meeting areas. Attendees also have the option of using their own mobile internet access.
Question: Are there sponsorship opportunities for my business?
Yes. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at [email protected].
What is the Event schedule going to be? 
We have three full days of great speakers and content planned. The event will start at 9:00 a.m. EST and end in the evening each day. 

Besides the scheduled speakers, there’s also planned bonus sessions and a networking reception. The event will be recorded and professional notes will be taken for Platinum and VIP attendees.
Question: Will there be a streaming option made available?
Yes, general admission tickets are good for live in-person or virtual live-stream, so you can attend either way, regardless of what happens with your schedule
Question: What COVID protocols or mask policy will be in place?
We will follow the State and Hotel Guidelines/Regulations at the time of the event for overall safety.
Question: What happens if the Event is unable to happen due to COVID?
We’re committed to delivering an incredible experience for all of our attendees. But if we are unable to hold a live event due to COVID-19, your ticket will be converted into either a Virtual Ticket or be credited towards a rescheduled Market Disruptors Live within one calendar year.
Question: Do I need a Vaccine to attend?
At this time, the state of FL is not requiring any vaccines to attend events. 
Question: What if I get sick or get COVID right before the event. What are my options?
If you get sick before the event, we ask that you notify us and do not attend. You can still attend the event with the Virtual Live-Stream option so you don't miss out on this important and timely information.
Question: I have other questions that aren’t answered here.
Simply send us an email at [email protected].


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