Joseph Brown

Build, Grow and Protect Your Wealth and Freedom,
In Today's Out Of Control World

Joe Brown is a speaker and teaches on the complexities of the financial markets and economic history in a way that anyone can understand. 

If you want to be a successful investor, you have to understand the mechanics of how the markets work.

Joe’s message has impacted millions through videos and podcasts on markets, politics, economic history, and investing.

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What Central Banks are REALLY Doing to America

Everyone knows Central Banks are printing money with wild abandon. But what’s really happening under the surface should shock you. GOOD NEWS though … stay 1-step ahead and you can take advantage of the tsunami of money that’s about to flow away from Stock Markets and Central Banks.

Secrets to Accelerating Wealth Accumulation

There are asset classes right now that make stock market returns pale in comparison. Of course, stocks still have their place - but not the way most investors play them. To stay ahead of the Great Reset, learn what’s working now for rapid monetary growth.

Forget Dividend Income (use this instead)...

By itself, wealth has never been true security. What is? Income. Cash flow. You’ll discover simple, low risk strategies to earn 8% … 12 % … and even 20% on your money. Strategies that you can use right away - without learning technical mumbo-jumbo or doing any trading.

Alternative Investments

With inflation eating away your returns anyway, it’s time to diversify at least some of your portfolio. Into gold? Or bitcoin? That depends on where you are now and what your goals are. But you’ll leave Miami with the right action plan for you.

True Asset Protection

Learn the best strategies to protect your wealth and your assets in a world where markets are on the verge of crash the Agenda 2030 of owning nothing is in play - these aren’t your financial advisor’s strategies!

Lasting Freedom

Time to consider Freedom as an Asset! Learn how to increase personal freedoms in a world that is becoming more restrictive. Learn onshore and offshore strategies, creating Plan B, 2nd Passports and more. 

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1 Piece Of Actionable Intel Could Change Everything...

Let Me Show You What You'll Be Experiencing At This Year's Market Disruptors LIVE!

Day 1: Put Knowledge To Action

Knowledge IS NOT power, only knowledge put into action is! For many conference goers, they listen to expert secrets, some take notes but very few ever take action on that new found knowledge, even though one small action could drastically change their life!

We have workshops being led by some of the best in the industry, so you can get a better level of understanding and more importantly, put them into action.
  • Build cash flow, get out of the rat race, discover financial freedom fast!
  • Keep more wealth by lowering taxes, and bulletproof your asset protection
  • Having additional passports is the #1 tool to increase your freedom, come learn how

Day 2: The Problem and The Plan

Without a clear understanding of the problem and the forces behind them that cause and effect you will never be able to navigate them, and plan for them accordingly.

With a clear understanding of the current problems and the forces behind that drive them, you will have the insight and tools to navigate them correctly.
  • Understanding political shifts
  • ​Fragile markets and what comes next
  • ​Growing assets during this phase
  • ​​Protecting wealth during this phase

Day 3: Increase Freedom and Sovereignty

Your freedom is under attack, but there are things you can do to protect and increase your sovereignty.

Our speakers will give you the actionable information you need to navigate this period to protect and grow your freedom.
  • How to build cash flow fast
  • ​How to keep more of your wealth
  • ​​How to bulletproof your assets
  • ​​How to increase personal freedom


Full Event Recordings

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